Are you SICK & TIRED of being

Uninspired, Self Sabotaging or Stuck 
in Anxiety, Depression and/or Panic Attacks?  

These are the classic stages of Spiritual Disconnection caused by 
unconsciously cycling through Survival Mode...


Are you ready to STOP feeling sick & tired all of the time
 but not sure if that is even possible?

What if I told you YES, yes it is...

A 4 part mini-series where I share with you not only WHY this is happening to YOU, I explain what your suffering really is and I share with you exactly how you can escape the survival mode that you have been trapped in.  I will show you 'the' permanent way out of:


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#1 - Divine Assignment

A life changing video experience where I tell the story of Divine Assignment - the reason why you are here right now - stuck in anger, worry, overwhelm and frustration.  

I will explain EVERYTHING that you need to know so that you can finally have what you want! 

Not only how your current pain and suffering was created; how Spiritual Disconnection controls and compels you without your awareness but also EXACTLY how this "survival" mode can be simply shifted into THRIVING! 

#2 - The Deep Dive

An expansion on each element of the Divine Assignment that you learn in the video.  It walks you through your own unique blueprint of Spiritual Remembering.  

This step by step mini-course, then gives you all of the foundational pieces that you will need to navigate not only who you want to be - happy & thriving - but also to love who you have had to be in the past in order to survive. 

You will leave this mini series knowing what work you will need to do, should you chose to embark on a Spiritual journey from HURT to HEAL

#3- Access to my private Facebook Community

One of the hardest parts of being on a Spiritual Journey is understanding of all the moving parts and being able to navigate all of those pieces on your own. Use this educational platform as a resource and a guide to help you learn, share, heal and grow.  Not only will you be able to interact with me and my team you will be a part of a community of other Spiritual Seekers!

**FREE BONUS** - A Healing Guided Meditation 

The MOST important part of your Spiritual Reset is your ability to feel safe, secure and supported in the process of learning all about Survival mode and Spiritual Disconnection. To support you during this possibly intense time I have created a guided meditation that is not only calming and can be used anytime you need to create peace but it is also infused with energy medicine!

** SPECIAL BONUS: included in your purchase of The Spiritual Reset HUB, you will receive a limited time link to book a private 1 on 1 session with Traci for just $79 USD (Reg. $179) 

Hi, Traci Trimble here. 
I am a Doctor of Energy Medicine. I specialize in Metaphysical Psychology, specifically in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Panic.

As a Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Bioenergetic Therapist I am on a mission to bring awareness to the human disease called Spiritual Disconnection.
Spiritual Disconnection steals your life force energy which put you in Survival Mode. Most of the time you do not even know that it is happening because it is so deep in your unconscious. Even so, Spiritual Disconnection leaves you feeling generally Uninspired, this soon shifts into Self-Sabotaging habits and beliefs and finally results in Anxiety, Depression and/or Panic attacks.

The end result is that your body and your mind go into Survival mode. This results in physical pain, emotional and mental instability and most significantly your ability to trust your own intuition.

The truth is, you are not broken... what you are is HURT!
You are not going to get out of this all by yourself.

WHY? Because as human beings, we just 'do not know what we do not know'.   
This is called unconscious incompetence and it keeps us stuck in HURT!


If the answer is YES - if you feel Uninspired, know Self Sabotage and/or are living in Anxiety/Depression AND you are ready to heal then here are the 3 things that you NEED in order to begin: 

1.  The awareness of what is actually causing your pain and suffering
2. A proven process to shift you from HURT to HEAL
3. The support of others just like you

I get it, I really do - these may not be the things that you think that you want or even what you have been asking for HOWEVER... they are exactly what you NEED.  How do I know? Because this what my team and I do all day, every day. We support people on their Spiritual Journey from HURT to HEAL.  

In just the last 3 years, as a Doctor of Energy Medicine, I have successfully shifted thousands of people just like you out of HURT into HEAL. And every single one them started exactly where you are right now... wondering if the Spiritual Reset was the one thing that would finally change the trajectory of their lives.

Let me share the beginners tools that I use every day to help people just like you who once believed that they were never going to be happy; that feeling mostly awesome, most of the time was impossible! Let me share with you THE SPIRITUAL RESET...

Tell me if you can relate to one of these two scenarios...

You have an amazing life that YOU KNOW you should be grateful for, but you're losing sleep wondering WHY you cannot just be happy.  It seems near impossible these days and it does not seem to be getting any better!


You've tried EVERYTHING, but it led to even more lack of inspiration, self sabotage, anxiety and depression than you can handle. You know "there has to be more to life than just this", but have NO idea how to empower your own Self! 

Either way, you find yourself wondering...

  • ​How am I going to STOP feeling sick & tired all of the time?
  • ​Why am I on this rollercoaster of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions?
  • ​What if I cannot take my power back; what if  I am just not worthy of being happy?
  • ​Maybe there is no hope for me... 

Let’s ditch all the past doubt, frustration, struggle, overwhelm, anger and worry; let's skip right to the good stuff (aka the answers!). 

YES -- the Spiritual Reset will TEACH you why you are feeling sick & tired all of the time

YES -- the Spiritual Reset  will  EXPLAIN the cause of your negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions

YES -- the Spiritual Reset will give you TOOLS to take your power back

And the best part? 
You just need to listen to one thing,  You need to hear the story of the Divine Assignment.  You just need to decide to take the chance on :


In this short, easy to follow 4-part mini-series
I am going to tell you EXACTLY what is wrong AND how to heal it.

When you KNOW exactly what is controlling and compelling you; 
when you can name your unconscious trauma then you can finally choose YOU. 

Understanding how you are HURT and what Spiritual Disconnection is doing 
to you without your awareness is surprisingly simple

Keyword: simple 


You can change the current trajectory of your life; you can begin your SPIRITUAL RESET


Let me show you the first ACTION REQUIRED in taking 
YOUR power back... CHOOSE YOU!


Step #1. Click on ORDER NOW and you will fill out some important information to get you started; you will receive an email that allows you to log into the SPIRITUAL RESET dashboard/HUB

Step #2. Join the private Facebook Community called Exploring Energy Medicine where you will not only be a part of a group of like-minded people you will also have access to on going educational and support tools... all for FREE

Step#3.  Log into the HUB where you will be guided, step by step through the RESET process including access to the "story of Divine Assignment" as well as the Deep Dive Mini Series.  As a bonus, you will have a healing guided meditation to support you on this journey!

Step#4.  Take me up on the incredible, no obligation offer, that I will present to you at the end of your Spiritual Reset - a private 1 on 1 session that I guarantee it will change your life!



  • Are you barely getting through the day and aren’t sure how you to keep going on like this? 
  • Do you have symptoms of anxiety, depression and/or panic?
  • ​Are you ready to STOP feeling sick and tired all of the time?
  • ​​Do you think there’s something wrong with you but aren’t quite sure what?
  • ​​Do you want to feel good most of the time but right now that seems impossible?
  • ​​Would you love to feel more confident in your marketing decisions? 
  • ​Do you know that there has to be more that just this!

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this is PERFECT for you! 

I want you to take back control…

As adults, our days are FILLED with unknowns, tough decisions, and putting out fires. 

Sometimes it can feel like you’re just along for the ride. 

But when it comes to your marketing, you CAN get back in the driver's seat. 

You are here to make waves in your industry and reach the lives of millions. 

It's my mission to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to master this crazy place called Human Being, to teach you Self Awareness without judgement and maximize your potential for happiness. 

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people starting from what feels like THE BOTTOM with little more than prayer that 'there has to be more than just this!' to find their power, to live full and happy lives.

And now I want to help you. I have what you need.

Now, you have to decide - are you going to be in this exact same place in a year from now OR are you going to take the chance that I have the answers to what you want?

Are you ready?


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